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Kennel African Destiny


The Lackovic Famliy together with us is planning to breed this upcoming autum with "Bety" - Sinka Sanyi Szepe Bianka and "Willie" - Never Ending Story out of Africa.

The Lackovic Family lives and works in Croatia, their daughter Ljerka is showing Bety regular and has gained major successes - last time CAC, CACIB, BOB, R.BOG at Bosanska Gradiška or Lendava in Slovenia were she was rated excellent, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Bety is now Slovenian Champion.

Both dogs have been x-rayed (HD) and had their eyes examed. There aren't any doubts on the part of the doctors concerning breeding with Bety and Willie. 

If you are interested in a puppy of Bety and Willie please contact Ljerka or Claudia:

Kennel "AFRICAN DESTINY"                           Never Ending Story out of Africa
Owner: Ljerka Lacković                                    Owner: C. Bergner/N. Zisser
address: Koprivnicka 29B                                   2486 Pottendorf
              42000 Varazdin                                  e-mail: wilsonshauna@yahoo.de
tel.  00385/42/233-081
Betys Pedigree:

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